This contract describes the terms and general conditions applicable to the use of the services offered by BLIZUU.

Any person wishing to access and/or use the site or the servers may do so in compliance with the terms and general conditions.

Dear costumer, we kindly request you to read the following terms and conditions of use, which are specifically detailed, before the using the services provided by BLIZUU´S web application.

By using BLIZUU services, you are accepting the terms and conditions that are going to be detailed next.

The terms can be modified, actualized and periodically changed. For that reason, we suggest you to review periodically these modifications in the web site where will always be published.

About the service: BLIZUU is a business network B2B, orientated to optimized the costs of the small and medium-size companies. At BLIZUU they can meet, ask for information and quotations of the products and services provided by them. The companies can either be a provider or a buyer, according to their needs, in the platform.

By these terms, of use all the regulatory framework and conditions are established for the applications owned by BLIZUU, by any person or company.

Users and companies, are committed to read and accept the terms of use, before making use of the BLIZUU website. When using BLIZUU WEBSITE you are committed to fully accept terms and conditions stablished by BLIZUU, without showing any kind of doubt and being committed to them. For all matters not expressly stated herein, it means that will agree with the laws and regulations (for this business category) and must be always framed in the good faith practices.


For BLIZUU services work properly, it is requested and advice the users to complete all the field of the registration form with accurate data.

The user shall ensure that the information given to BLIZUU at the registration moment (available for the Company) is truthful and accurate, and undertake to update their personal and company data whenever is needed. BLIZUU is not responsible for the accuracy of the data delivered by the users in the platform. Users, at all time, guarantee and vouch for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and data authenticity given to BLIZUU.

  • BLIZUU provides services in the form of “freemium”. BLIZUU offers a basic free registration form (in which any company can sing up for free appearing in BLIZUU database and platform, showing the data given to BLIZUU) besides the benefit of being able to add products and services for free. There are certain additional services which offers added value to the company, but with a payment method. At all times and under certain trading conditions, the companies may ask to hire, modify or cancel any of the existing plans, published in an updated and available way on the website of BLIZUU. Both user and the client company, that have contract a paying plan will be under these terms of use, without exception or the specific peculiarities of the business relationship with each of them, that may exist. All of them will be able to contract or change the plan, in commercial terms that are going to be settled.


  • BLIZUU will keep permanently updated conditions, benefits and services offered both free and payed access members. Such commercial offer will always be published in a visible and accessible way on the website.
  • The access to BLIZUU website and services provided, unless expressly stated otherwise, are understood 24 x7 x 365/366, ie services provided by BLIZUU are understood to be provided without any interruption twenty four hours a day, seven day a week every day of the year. Such availability is subjected to the proper technical function of the platform and it´s failures or any other factor that temporarily unable the access (for example, but not exclusively, in the case maintenance of the site it will unavailable and/or inaccessible the site for that time period) BLIZUU will not be responsible, and even if it could be, the fact that the platform is not working will not give the users the right for any claim or reward, except in the cases that the law commercially required to do so because it affects the terms of payment.


  • BLIZUU services are focuses to people and companies, which legally have the legal required age to do business, in their jurisdiction. All those individuals who have the required age to do business but due to the local law had a legal impediment or limitation to meet or get any kind of commercial agreement, are not authorized to use any of the services BLIZUU provides; unless the express consent if the parents or guardian.
  • BLIZUU services are provided in the way they are offers, the user shall not be able to make any modification or modification to them.
  • BLIZUU services keeps limited to this terms and is understood the fully acceptance of them without any objection. The unacceptance of this terms of use unable any individual to use BLIZUU´s services.
  • Publication for Goods and Services: The users offering their goods and services, shall put them under the appropriate category or subcategory. The publications could include descriptive texts, graphics, photographs and relevant conditions for the sale of the good or service recruitment. The product or services offered by the vendor user, must be accurately described in terms of their conditions and relevant characteristics.
  • The published prices of goods and services must include taxes, otherwise it must be stated in the product in detail and taxes must be paid when purchasing these goods and services.
  • BLIZUU reserves the right to remove any publication in which the price is not expressed in an appropriate way, with the goal to avoid any confusion regarding the price.


  • The User agrees to keep the required confidentiality about the data and procedures, likewise any other reserved and confidential information about BLIZUU through the services given by it.
  • The user part undertakes to keep the confidentiality about data and confidential procedures as well as any other private information, which might be known through the use of BLIZUU services. It prohibited the transmission of such information to third parties. For further information, please read our Privacy Politics.
  • The user part will keep the confidentiality of that information while that is secrete, private or reserved, no matter if it is known directly or indirectly.
  • The user part must inform BLIZUU, as soon as technically possible, any detriment of their privacy or security.
  • The user party is the only responsible for the information for the conservation and custody of their data, registered on the platform. Likewise, it is responsible for the misuse of the information, because of their poor maintenance or custody given to it.


  • The user party may not misuse the platform, contacting internally and externally other users of third parties in name of BLIZUU, with the exception the platform´s own services that will be used to make commercial contacts between user companies in order to generate business which must be made under the name registered in BLIZUU, tas individual or company.
  • The user parties are not able to storage information of any kind about other BLIZUU´S users, unless it is required to realize transactions between individual or companies within BLIZUU´S platform and within a framework of services and benefits provided by the business network of BLIZUU.
  • The user party commit to prevent SPAM of any kind within it´s internal communications in the platform.
  • The user party cannot transmit, use or storage information/items of any kind even if it is graphic; explicitly excluding those items required in the service platform to generate business or networking with companies.
  • The user part whether individuals or companies, cannot loaded into the platform any pornographic o illicit material of any kind, and if it is done it will means the immediate removal of the user on the platform.
  • The user part must have all the licenses, permissions and authorizations required for all kind of material that will be placed in the platform. The user expressly exonerates BLIZUU of any responsibility regarding this fact.
  • The user part is expressly responsible of the graphic contents that loads in our platform and is particularly responsible for prevent any imagens that could incite hatred, violence or attempt against dignity of any individual, that violate any law or that are inconsistent with the moral and ethical practices.
  • It will not be allowed to any person, group of people or companies to attack anyone because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, sex orientation, disability or illness. Do to this the user is expressly responsible for using an appropriate language and in any case incites hated or violates any law.
  • BLIZUU reserves the right to determine if any content uploaded by the users, individual or companies, are appropriate and comply the terms and conditions of use of our platform, having the right to remove a part of the full content, without any advice. This kind of infractions to BLIZUU Terms of Use may lead to close the account with BLIZUU.


    • Because BLIZUU do not participate at all, during the time the goods or services are published or participate in the negotiation or improvement of the final contract between the parties, so will not be responsible for the effectible fulfillment of the obligations assumed by users in the negotiation agreed between them. The user knows and accepts that when performing operations with other users or third parties, do so at his own risk. BLIZUU in any case will be liable for the lost profits ar any other damage and/or harm the user may suffer, due to the operations carried out ro not by the articles published in BLIZUU.
    • The user part is liable to BLIZUU and third parties for any damage than may cause to these ( BLIZUU and third parties)
    • The responsibility indicated in the previous paragraph reaches damages and harms of any nature.
    • The user party shall be responsible for any damages and harms , based on what the authorities determinate in such jurisdiction.


    • If the third party acknowledges any violation, directly or indirectly,to the intellectual property that could affect BLIZUU or any other platform user (as an individual or company) must inform BLIZUU immediately , through the settled ways to inform stablished in the platform.


    • BLIZUU can and will incorporate advertisements of any kind in it´s application or website without any authorization or approval of the users, to receive so.
    • The advertisement stablished in this paragraphs can the property of BLIZUU or from third parties.
    • In some cases BLIZUU or third parties authorized by it, can gather web browsing data or from another kind, with an advertisement porpoise or to have it in a more personalized way.


    • BLIZUU can and will keep third party information in BLIZUU web application. The user party compromise not to cause any damage to that content and recognizes it as an integral part of BLIZUU services.


    • BLIZUU without previous notice, may change partially or totally the Terms of Use.
    • BLIZUU will communicate, in a visible way, the changes of these Terms.
    • The continued use of the services offered by BLIZUU, implies the acceptance by the users, of the new Terms of Use, that may be applicable to him. Otherwise if the user dose not agreed with this Terms, he shall finish immediately using BLIZUU´S services.


    • They recognize as the only one applicable jurisdiction and competent legislation to dissolve, the courts of the city of Santiago in the country of Chile. Such a recognition supposes dictating to this jurisdiction as unique applicable for what, in the frame work of these terms and conditions of use, could apply and assemble from express form to any jurisdiction that for any other reason, cause or motive could or shall correspond to them.

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