This privacy policies contained in the present document describes the information that Blizuu (forward also the company) requests and gather from the users, clients and or visitors and what they could do with this information.

The privacy of the information of the users, clients and or visitors is very important for Blizuu. Due to this reason precautions and reservations are and will be taken to look after your information, using informatics mechanisms to protect it.


The users, customers and/or visitors recognized could exercise the access right, create their own accounts, cancel and update their own information, including their e-mails. The users, costumers and/or visitors guarantee and respond, in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal information provided and compromise properly to keep it updated.

Once the users are registered and their accounts are activated, clients and/or companies could review and change the information that has been sent to BLIZUU during the registration process, including, among others:

  • Users: Name, BLIZUU e-mail will keep the previous information for security and fraud control.
  • Companies: Name, company name, company Id, name of the legal representative, billing data, among others; BLIZUU will keep the information of the older company for safety and fraud control.

In certain cases BLIZUU may keep in their files, personal information that has been asked to remove, with the purpose of resolving disputes or claims, detect and resolve problems or incidents and comply with the provision of the terms and general conditions of service for a certain period of time determined by the law. In any case, the personal information of the user, costumer and/or visitor would not be immediately removed from our files for legal and technical reasons, including security support systems.


At the time of registration and/or brows our web application, rules and principles contained herein shall deemed fully accepted. Likewise the user, customer and/or visitor acknowledge that their personal information is going to be used according to the policies described below.

This privacy policy applies only to the information provided by you (to us) by the web site.

The information to be gathered at the time our users, costumers and/or visitors register in BLIZUU, includes complete and accurate personal data, among the following information:

  • Complete name and/or company name, e-mail and password
  • Document Number or valid Id

For the users who register their company in BLIZUU, the following data is requested accurately, exactly and complete, among the following information is requested:

  • Company name
  • Commercial address
  • Corporative Image
  • Information to get in touch with the company
  • Products and services provided by the company
  • Etc.
  • In case you subscribe to a BLIZUU plan, some additional information shall be requested.

BLIZUU reserves the rights to review and confirm personal and corporative data of the users, costumers and/or visitors, checking the information with public entities, specialized companies and risk centrals, for which formalities users, costumers and/or visitors expressly authorize BLIZUU to do so.

Each user, costumer and/or visitor that register in BLIZUU through its own account in a social network or by any other way access to its account, expressly consents that the company

  • Have access, at any time, to the complete information contained in it´s personal account, including particularly, but without any limit, your personal information regarding information about your interests, likes, contacts and any other content in it´s personal account. Including messages, photographs, videos and any other kind of information.
  • Send to the user and/or costumer e-mail related to the personal account information or messages with the purpose described in section ¨What we do with the information¨ described as follow.

It is agreed explicitly that at any moment the user, company, costumer and/or visitor subscribed to BLIZUU can order the closure of its application for registration and/or the closure of its account or eliminate from its account data base information of its company

BLIZUU gather and keep automatically certain information about the activity of the users, costumers and/or visitors in this application. That information may include URL from which they came from (whether or not in our site) to which URL they access frequently (whether or not in our site) which web browser are using and their IP (number which identifies each device into a network). Also the visited sites pages, searches, publications, qualifications and messages in forums, among other information may be kept and stored.

If the users, clients and/or visitors send correspondence, whether e-mails or letters, or if other users or third parties send correspondence about the activities or messages of other users in our site, the Company can gather and store that personal information, including e-mail addresses.


To provide an excellent service and for the users, costumers and/or visitors can perform activities easily and safely, BLIZUU requires some personal information, including the e-mail address. Gather this information allows the users to obtain the services and functionalities that suits better to their needs and personalized them, in a way that makes their experiences as much comfortable as possible. The information gathered by Company has the following purpose:

  • Help the users, companies, costumer and/or visitors get in touch directly with other companies, sales, publications, geographic locations and share information, in the opportunities and ways that might be needed. In this case, BLIZUU will supply to the ones that are interested the correspondent personal information
  • (name, telephone numbers, geographic location, e-mail among other needed data) through e-mail or the web site. The information known in that way by the user, costumer and/or visitor, could only be used as a reference (virtual showcase)or could be used by the costumers with publicity and promotional purposes.
  • To develop internal studies about behaviors, interests and demographic issues about the users, costumers and/or visitors in order to have a better understanding of their needs and interests and offer better services and provide them with related information.
  • Improve commercial promotions and initiatives from the company and have a better analysis of the visited pages and the searches made by the users, costumers and/or visitors, in order to offer richer information of the site content.
  • Send messages or information via e-mail about the new services, show publicity and promotions, interesting banners for our users, costumers and/or clients, and BLIZUU's news. If the user prefers, may ask to be excluded from the lists that will be used for advertisement and promotions.
  • Details about the way the information has been used by the company and the searches done by this.
  • Information about the platform events, the failures, system activities and hardware configuration, like the browser, browser´s language, date and hour in which the request was asked and the reference URL.
  • Cookies able to identify by a unique way it´s own browser or a BLIZUU account.
  • Share personal information (including e-mail address) with services the providers or the outsourcing companies that may help to easier the BLIZUU activities, also to delivery companies service, paying methods, insurance or an intermediary in the management for paying, call centers o fidelity programs among others. The company will take care of accomplishing certain standards, by the assignment of agreements, in which the privacy of the personal data of our users (people and companies) will be safe. However, BLIZUU will not be responsible for the inappropriate use of the personal information of our company users, costumers and/or visitors that develop this campaigns or internet sites. In some cases, these services providers will be the ones that gather the information directly from the users (for example, if they are asked to participate in surveys and studies). In those cases, may get a notification about the participation of a service provider in that activities, and will up to the user to give the information asked or not and the additional uses the providers decide to do with it.

In the case the users, costumers and/or visitors give, by their own will, that additional information given directly to the service provider, shall be used by the provider according to his own privacy policies. If the Company decides to reveal or share personal information with a third participant that is not a service provider or affiliated company nor related with BLIZUU we will require the agreement of the user, costumer and/or visitor.


Once signed up in the platform, BLIZUU will not sale, rent or share the personal information, except in the ways established in these policies. Anyhow the user consents in a explicitly way that The Company is able to transfer total or partial part of the personal information to any In any case, under court orders or legal regulations, The Company may be forced to disclose information to the authorities or third parties, under certain circumstances. Likewise, in case third parties intercept or have access to some information without BLIZUU´s agreement, the company is not liable for the information obtained thereby.


The users will always be able to get in touch with BLIZUU through all visible means permanent established on the web site.


The duly registered users will have a password with which they can sale, offer, qualify and make comments about the products. This password is secret and must be kept under absolutely discretion and shall never be revealed or shared with anyone, under any circumstance.

The user will be fully responsible for all the actions made with his password, including the payment of certain fees that may eventually be released or for the prejudice that could the done to other users. If by any reason the user believes that a third party can know the password, will have to change it by entering through BLIZUU´S browser menu. The registered users may request recuperate the password under certain set parameters defined by BLUZUU.


BLIZUU is not a site designed for people under 18 years old. The offered and described services are available only to those who have the legal capacity to hire them. Therefore, the users, costumers and/or visitors who do not fulfill this condition should refrain from providing personal information to be included in the database of The Company. However, they can do so through their parents.


BLIZUU allows limited access to customer data, such as name, telephone number, photographs, address, city and email address.

The users could only use the personal information of other users, obtained in the website, to look for the company data and offer, search for products and bids or any other purpose that the costumer corresponding expressly agrees, once the legally information required have been previously communicated.


The user and customer or the website knows and accept that BLIZUU may use a tracking system through the use of cookies (they are small files that are installed on the hard disc, during a certain period of time, in which helps to personalize the services provided by The Company). The Company also offers some features only available through the use of cookies. These are used in order to meet the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or use the site and thus better understands their needs and interests; give them a better service and provide the related information.

The information collected through cookies will be also use to analyze the pages that have been explored by the users and/or visitors, the searches made improve marketing and promotional initiatives, display advertisement and promotions, banners of interest, BLIZUU´S news, improve the supply of content and articles, presentation and services, etc. The Cookies can be used also to promote and enforce rules and site security. BLIZUU could add Cookies to the emails to measure the promotions efficiency.

They can also be used to avoid the introduction of the password by the user, frequently during the session as well as to count and verify the registration, user´s activities among others always keeping in mind the benefits the users will receive, prohibiting their use for purposes others than BLIZUU.

It is determined that the installation, permanence and existences of the Cookies on the user´s and visitor´s computer depend exclusively on their will and can be removed from the computers as they ask so. This document expressly clarifies that these policies cover the use of cookies by this site and not the use for the advisers. BLIZUU do not control the use of Cookies by third parties.


Each and every costumer and/or visitor knows and accept that BLIZUU will be able to use the tracking system through Web Beacons. A Web Beacon is an electronic image, also known as single-pixel (1X1) or transparent pixel, which is located in a web site code and has similar functions as the Cookies. In addition, they are used to measure user´s traffic patterns from one page to another to maximize the flow of traffic through the web.


BLIZUU is not responsible for the use or the conditions of the information given by the users and/or costumers or by third parties. This limitation of responsibility extends also to integrated services in BLIZUU websites that are not owned or domain, including, but not limited “Facebook Connect”, Tweeter, Pinterest, Instagram or similar.

BLIZUU is not responsible for the use of the domain that third parties may do, even if these are accessible through link or any other means through BLIZUU Web.

The Company do not sell, transfer or exchange information with third parties, unless otherwise indicated to.

BLIZUU is committed to safeguarding the integrity and privacy of the costumers and/or visitor data. To do so BLIZUU will take all human and technical precautions within its reach to preserve the Privacy Policies detailed herein.


BLIZUU cooperates with the competent authorities and organizations to ensure compliance with the laws, for example regarding the protection of the industrial and intellectual property rights, fraud prevention and other subjects.

BLIZUU may disclose information of its costumers and/or visitor’s users under request of the judicial and governmental authorities in case of investigations conducted by them, for example (without being limited to this situation) in case of criminal or fraud investigations or hacking or the violation of copyrights. In these situations

BLIZUU will collaborate with the authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and safety of the community and of the users, costumers and/or visitors.

BLIZUU can (and the users, costumers and/or visitors expressly authorize it) reveal personal information in order to meet the applicable norms and cooperate with the authorities as much as it is necessary and appropriate to do so, in any investigation of an illegal or fraudulent situation, copyrights or industrial property violation, or other illegal activity that could expose BLIZUU and its users, costumers and/or visitors to a legal responsibility.


If you have a question, comment or suggestion about these policies, please send them to us to [email protected]

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