1.- User Registration

The first step is to create a personal user account. This must be made by entering the “register” zone, once you are registered; the next step is to register the company. Follow the register procedure; you must fill the requested data in the fields. The user register is for the person who administrate the account, by this is understood that he or she is the responsible for managing the account; for example, the person in charge of receiving the e-mails, the one who sends them, upload the offers of the company, the photographs and features of the products and services, and is the one responsible for placing the purchase orders for the company.
At the same time, is the person who has the access to the relevant statistics data; as a conclusion, he or she is the one who has the absolute control of the company´s account.

2.- Register of the Company

If you are the administrator of the account, you may assign to different members of the company a specific user profile to give each of them a different task for which they are responsible for; as an example, to nominee a member of the company to be the one in charge of the buyers, or in charge or the sales or the purchase orders, etc.

3.- The Upload of products and projects to the Company´s Catalogue

You may add products and services to the company´s catalogue from your dashboard. Also, you can create, modify or eliminate products or services from the catalogue, at any time you want to do so.

4.- Create secial offers

You may offer products and/or services from your dashboard. All BLIZUU members will be able to see and buy them.

5.- Auctions (SOON)

You may look for auctions to participate as a supplier of products and services. You also can create an open auction, by which you will have access to several different suppliers.
You may choose the kind of auction you want to, and create and specify the most important requirements for you company by this way you can chose supplier which fits better to your requirements. At any time, you will have on line access to see the auction status.

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