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Integration Chilean-Mexican A.G Chamber of Commerce creates a Business Community for Chilean and Mexican companies to conduct bilateral business reliably; creating a forum that provides an opportunity to promote their companies, products and services.

Blizuu offers the ideal, simple, friendly and reliable platform.

In the CICMEX community  you can find the support and confidence to enable you to conduct bilateral business.

Benefits of participating in CICMEX Business Community:


  • Companies have a preferential diffusion of their products and services
  • 20% discount on any Blizuu plan
  • Access to relevant information and business opportunities in Mexico and Chile
  • Access to a CICMEX special plan designed for members of Blizuu
  • Participation in events and bilateral seminars with preferential rates.
  • Elaboration bilateral meetings agendas with other companies. (coming soon) 


If you want to know more about CICMEX services and how it can help your company clicks here cicmex.cl