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BOP Idea Lab is the part of the Base of the Pyramid Organization that brings together high-level professionals with years of experience, all with a common goal: to use their social and professional knowledge to create quality solutions for lower-income groups. We are an idea lab dedicated to meeting the needs of the economically vulnerable population of the entire world. We understand that in a globalized world, where market forces tend to leave people with limited purchasing power behind, it is important to strive for more equality, developing businesses, products and services that satisfy demand in areas such as health, nutrition, education and more, in ways that are both respectful and efficient.


Our spirit and vision led us to form a sort of laboratory. We create products and services that allow companies to come together and offer better options for the BOP segment, meeting the true needs of the world’s poorest.

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Bop ideal lab

Baseofthepyramid llc

TAX ID NUMBER: 81-5469376

Location: Miami / United States

Blizuu member since: 11/26/2017

Number of employees: 0-10

Incorporation date: 01/01/2015

Product / services offered: Services

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