BLIZUU is an open B2B business network that connects small and medium companies to generate online business. BLIZUU connects buyers and sellers companies through a simplified e-procurement system.

Our business network goal is to bring companies into e commerce, in an easy and economically way, optimizing the acquisition costs and amplifying the sell network of our associates.

Being a BLIZUU member allows users to promote his products and services, upload the products catalogue and show special offers to our community.

As a supplier you may receive information’s requests, quotation and purchase orders, closing the deal through an electronic payment. You can also participate in special requests for proposals and in the future participate in auctions.

If your company has a buyer profile you are allowed to access to a great number of supplier companies, knowing the detail the products and services, make quotations and place purchase orders. Beside you are able to see the rating and feedback from other buyers.

On line you will be able to place requests for special products, auctions, monitor each seller´s proposal and select the product which suits better to your requirements. With BLIZUU services, you will make easier the task for the person or area responsible for the acquisition and will give transparency to your company.

At the same time, you may belong to different business communities, sponsored by larger companies, Associations and Chambers of Commerce that will provide you benefits and opportunities for bilateral deals, in an easier and successful way.

BLIZUU has six main areas:

  1. The Directory: All of the companies subscribed to BLIZZU are listed by area, category and sub category. From each company you are able to know it´s products and services, offers for BLIZUU members, projects and client’s information.
  2. Products: In this section you will find all products and services offered by BLIZUU members. You can ask for quotations and generate purchase orders on line.
  3. Deals: Here you will find specials deals (products and services) created only for BLIZUU members.
  4. Requirements: Allows you to participate and create special requirements. These requirements will be send to the companies belonging to a certain category or to all of them, so they can create proposals in an easier and safer way.
  5. Business Communities: Companies with larger numbers of corporate clients, Associations and Chamber of Commerce sponsored and creates their own business community in order to offer to those companies more opportunities. The Business Communities are created to enhance and facilitate local and regional business among their companies.
  6. Auctions: In this area you will be able to look for and participate in the bid. Through an auction revert system, you will be able to monitor and participate in all the auctions, which can generate new business for you.

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